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“Maximizing the Synergy of Gaming, Entertainment, Music and Film”.

Giordano Theater, a division of Giordano Outdoor Concert, Festival & Film (GT), has constructed a hybrid entertainment facility.

Giordano Theater is in itself a unique architectural design that fits the décor and ambiance of The Boulevard. However, the old adage, “It’s what’s inside that counts”, truly applies to this facility, as what’s inside is nothing short of spectacular. Giordano Theatre has made a habit over the years of providing state-of-the-art, world-class entertainment at affordable prices. In addition, GT has consistently stayed ahead of its competitors by 1) continually reinventing the meaning of entertainment, 2) providing a myriad of entertainment venues that appeal to a more global demographic group of all ages, and 3) mixing entertainment with the latest in technology to ensure an ongoing and seamless presentation while creating the ultimate entertainment experience.

Cognizant of this, Giordano Theatre is showcasing the very best of independent and major studio feature films in a state-of-the-art digital sound and technology theater, holographic music and production shows, live events, variety shows, musical productions, and Hollywood-style Red Carpet premieres.

Finally, GT has launched a proactive marketing campaign that includes cross-promotional and viral marketing. Both will ensure worldwide exposure to Giordano Theater and The Boulevard, providing a consistent flow of consumer traffic.

Giordano Theatre showcases holographic musicals,, feature films, and live production shows such as the original Giordano Theatre production, Voices Starring Lani Misalucha, Benise’s “The Spanish Guitar”, Blacks Magic, Senses, and many more. In  addition, Giordano Theatre hosts Red Carpet premieres featuring some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Giordano Theatre delivers a three-dimensional virtual imagery in a stunning, realistic, creative staging environment. Weekly, the company brings dramatic, previously unseen 21st century film effects to live events, artistic performance, trade show presentations, retail displays and large scale digital signage. No other video system in the world can bring technology and creativity together within an immersive communications experience.

Giordano Theatre houses its own production company, including a production studio. This allows Giordano Theatre to customize any show, entertainer, and even commercials for The Boulevard retailers. Giordano Theatre’s holographic experience is the ultimate presentation. For the retailers at the mall, it combines advertising with entertainment and will leave visitors to The Boulevard with one of the most memorable experiences of their trip to Las Vegas.

Giordano Theatre is the most unique theatrical concept in the country. It is the first of its kind in the motion picture industry to showcase independent short films, features and documentaries. Last year, over six thousand films were made world-wide. Over 87% were independent films, with most of those considered low budget. Many of those films never made it to the big screen and never will, due to the high cost of over-head and distribution expenses by major distributors. Giordano Theatre has developed a model that provides P&A and theatrical screens for independent filmmakers, giving their films the potential opportunity to go theatrical in foreign and domestic markets. This model, along with Giordano Theatre’s unique marketing plan, helps promote indie films by limiting the risk and expense that would normally be exposed to their producers and studios.

In addition, Giordano Theatre advertises within the Las Vegas market by newspaper, magazine, television, and local radio talk shows. We cross promote within our stage shows and advertise with movie trailers on screen in our theater, banner advertising, and wrapping of Giordano Theatre’s tour bus. The uniqueness of Giordano Theatre does not stop at the type or quality of the content. The actual theater itself is a show stopper. In fact, in a recent focus poll survey, the previous Giordano Theatre at the Las Vegas Hilton was voted one of the top ten best theaters in the United States for sound and picture.

What makes the Giordano Theatre so special is 1) it’s quaintness provides the movie-goer with a warmth and comfort that only enhances the experience, 2) it’s ambiance can only be compared to the old theaters of Hollywood’s golden age because it does not have a commercial look, and 3) the fact that as a boutique theater, the movie-goer can now enjoy a film with a cocktail, hors d’oeuvres, and other items found at our concessions. In short, no other theater anywhere affords a movie-goer with this type of experience.

If the above isn’t enough to satisfy the palate of discriminating theater goers, perhaps the added attraction of a feature film/live production hybrid venue will. The Giordano Theatre  is the first theater in the country to showcase feature films and live Las Vegas production shows on the same day in the same venue. Due to the state-of-the-art facility, staging, lighting, and sound system, there is no limitation to the type of shows that can be featured.

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