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Why Giordano Theatre is a Great Opportunity

Giordano Theatre’s extensive range of businesses within the gaming and entertainment industries allows it to provide its clients with the expertise, convenience, and cost savings associated with a professional turnkey operation. Due to Giordano’s purchasing dominance, Giordano Theatre can negotiate attractive pricing because of its extensive global buying power and full-scale production capabilities. By working with the company’s established network of artists and management agencies, Giordano Theatre is able to secure hot, rising stars to superstars and celebrity talent, all at considerable savings to its clients.

Artist Management
At Giordano Theatre, our involvement in an artist’s career is paramount to their success. Our management team strives to continually find new talent to develop, both in the creative and business aspects of their careers. In short, Giordano Theatre makes things happen. We realize an artist’s record is not only a conceivably substantial source of income, but also the most critical career development tool the artist possesses. We are committed to our artists and have both the industry standing and financial stability to support them long-term.

With over 15 years of marketing, public relations and branding expertise, Giordano Theatre realizes the importance of proper exposure within both the industry and consumer sectors. Solid relationships with major media contacts and corporate sponsors ensure that your artist, athlete, or special event will attain the maximum exposure and return on investment.

Giordano Theatre provides a total turnkey operation when it comes to securing the talent needed for your specific event. We will suggest a variety of available artists or athletes based upon your demographics, secure dates and venue, and negotiate the best pricing for your budget. Contract and technical rider facilitation is also included in our comprehensive range of services. In addition, Giordano Theatre can save you additional labor and equipment costs by handling your complete back-line production. Our team of seasoned professionals will be with you from inception through the final standing ovation!

Full Concert Production and Touring
As a complete turnkey operation, Giordano Theatre can handle all of your concert touring and production needs, having access to the most modern state-of-the-art mobile production rig and support teams. We can provide you with lights, sound, and stage, as well as TV production via live feed satellite.

Sports/Entertainment Branding and Marketing
Giordano Theatre provides complete marketing and management services on a global basis. Innovative marketing programs are customized to maximize the exposure of your athlete, entertainer and/or sporting event. With affiliate Giordano Theatre companies based in the gaming, sports and entertainment industries, we are able to tap into special promotions, branding, sponsorship opportunities, and high-end event traffic.

Fully-Integrated Casino Marketing
With Giordano Theatre’s dominance in the gaming industry, we have established strong partnerships with the executive teams of both national and international casinos. We are able to generate upscale traffic to our clients’ events through extensive casino marketing and promotions. Many of Giordano Theatre’s events are presented in gaming venues, which escalates awareness and ticket sales within both the local and tourist markets. Promoted properly, casino entertainment also ensures a substantial theoretical win for the gaming establishment.

Special Events Management, Television, Syndication and Film
Giordano Theatre can provide you with everything you need to produce an extraordinary special event or film. We are proud to announce our fully integrated visual literacy in film production, distribution and touring division. Other comprehensive services can include budgeting, venue selection, theme choice, securing of premier talent, arranging personal celebrity appearances, meet-and-greets, sponsorships, catering, and promotion. We will determine, in detail, our clients’ needs and objectives by assisting them from idea to final development, making sure that the event is a success.

Giordano Theatre has the ability to turn your script into a movie on the big screen that could be worth millions through: (1) product placement, (2) top-named talent to be attached to your project, (3) foreign and/or domestic distribution, (4) development, funding, and/or bridge funding, and (5) soundtrack development and scoring of film.

Fundraising Programs
Giordano Theatre has several ways to combine special events to help the community. We secure the talent needed for a fundraising event and donate a percentage for every ticket sold towards the fundraising group. Giordano Theatre is the home of the School Aid Concert and Film Series. This is the Giordano Theatre advantage.

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